"We care about what we do"

REACT Engineering is a leader in developing innovative and robust engineering and management solutions to address the nuclear decommissioning, waste management and asset care challenges faced by the UK nuclear industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex problems and generate simple and cost effective solutions for our customers. 

We are a small, flexible consultancy who offer services across a wide range of areas. Some of our core capabilities can be found below.


Front End Engineering

REACT is an independent organisation that is able to act in an impartial manner to facilitate valuable front end support such as option generation or design review and assessment. We can provide objective, auditable advice to our customers.

As an independent organisation REACT has no vested interest in the outcome of any option selection and assessment process. Our only concern is that it adds value to our customer’s project.

Here are some examples of the Front End Engineering tasks carried out by REACT:

  • Strategy and Engineering Option Studies
  • Application of Stage Gate Decision Processes for Design
  • Decommissioning Methodology Development (Dismantling and Waste Handling)
  • Waste Management Studies (Including Storage and Disposal)
  • Best Available Technique and Environmental Impact studies
  • Multi-Attribute Analysis
  • Plant Status Definition

Front end engineering

Implementation Support

REACT has a detailed understanding of the various operations and processes that are performed across nuclear sites in the UK. This allows us to apply the correct level of detail to assist our clients to implement modifications in an efficient, effective and safe manner. Our stakeholder management skills and technical ability allow us to add real value to the projects we work on.

REACT can help in the following ways:

  • Implementation Strategy
  • Readiness Reviews
  • Plant Modification Proposals
  • Safety Method Statements and Operator Instructions
  • Waste Characterisation Documentation
  • Radiation Dose Assessments and Dose Modelling
  • Shielding Calculations (Microshield)

Implementation Support

Project Management

REACT has a well-developed project management culture, drawn from individuals’ experience of managing projects and working with clients to deliver their projects on time and on budget. 

Some of the ways REACT can help Project Managers:

  • Definition of Project Status
  • Business Case Support
  • Sanction Approval Support
  • Project Management and Project Execution Plans
  • Project Management Procedures
  • Project Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plans
  • Project Risk Reviews
  • Learning From Experience and Project Close Out Support

Project Management


Understanding the radiometric environment is often a key to success. REACT have extensive experience in radiation characterisation of nuclear facilities and have our own suite of products called N-Visage. Developed in house, in conjunction with our sister company Createc, the N-Visage™ output is a great consultancy tool and often provides vital intelligence for decommissioning or improvement projects.

Examples of REACT Radiometric Characterisation services include:

  • Development of Characterisation Strategies or Data Quality Objectives (DQO) Studies
  • Undertaking of radiation surveying including using the N-Visage™ Gamma Imager, a portable, remotely deployable device enabling the operator to “see” radiation
  • 3D modelling of activity distribution and radiation dose fields using N-Visage™ Predictive Gamma Modelling Software
  • Detailed scenario modelling, including modelling the effects of decontamination, radioactive decay or installation of shielding
  • Production of rendered video clips to illustrate the impact of radiometric characterisation on project strategy

N Visage

Safety Support

The wide spectrum of work we undertake gives REACT a unique, balanced perspective on the requirements of a safety case. We recognise that a safety case must be operationally effective and consider various industrial situations, as well as radiological issues. We consistently work with our clients to identify safety improvements and provide solutions to safety issues to enable projects to proceed safely and without delay.

Examples of REACT Safety Support include:

  • Production of Safety Reports
  • Production of Safety Assessments

Safety Support

Case Studies